I cannot begin to explain how the idea hit me… but it is just one of those moments that you have to tell people.

People are wondering what to do about the old Oak tree that sits on the corner of College and Magnolia, the famous Toomer’s Corner, because of all the threats to the tree’s longevity. There used to be several oak trees around Samford lawn until storms moved through and some were knocked down, there was the rumor that last year the tree had been set on fire, and using a hose to blast out all the toilet paper can’t be good for the tree but leaving it up there isn’t either.

This is where my idea comes. Replace the tree. Not with another living tree, but with a statue of the tree; a giant, full-scale, bronze (or some other similar metal) replica of the current oak tree looming over the intersection. And I am not talking some shotty remake of the tree, my vision is of basically a perfect copy of the tree.

Oak trees do live for a long time, but not forever. This would ensure that future generations would be able to roll Toomer’s after a victory. Weather threatens to knock the tree down whenever a storm rolls through. If designed properly, the replica would be strong enough to withstand any storm. And if it is able to withstand the tornados and hurricanes that occasionally come through Auburn, then I think the tree could handle a pressure wash every weekend to be rid of some excess toilet paper, as well as resist any fire threat.

It seems so simple and brilliant that it almost has to be a terrible idea by default. Let us hear what you think, and who knows… if there is enough support, this idea could actually become a reality.


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